Roma-Juventus, Zaniolo injury: breaking of the crusader, will be operated on Villa Stuart on 13 January

Roma-Juventus, infortunio Zaniolo: rottura del crociato, verrà operato a Villa Stuart il 13 gennaio

Roma-Juventus, Zaniolo burst into tears after the injury that caused him to break the crusader (photo Ansa)

ROME – It rains in the wet for Rome. Nicolò Zaniolo has remedied a serious injury at 31 'of Roma-Juventus, an injury that could force him to skip the rest of the championship and jeopardizes his presence for the next European football championship. Zaniolo started dribbling from his penalty area, came up to that of Juventus where he was from a foul intervention by an opponent. Zaniolo appeared immediately painfully. The young Roma striker started crying with desperation. After three minutes, he was transported off the field on a stretcher.

The footballer was immediately put on an ambulance and was rushed to Villa Stuart. Zaniolo did not stop crying during the ambulance ride and even when he entered the clinic he was crying. Inside the structure, he was welcomed by Professor Mariani for the ritual exams. Unfortunately, the tests gave negative results, Zaniolo remedied the rupture of the anterior cruciate of the right knee.

Neither Roma nor the player want to waste time so Zaniolo will operate in a few hours, on January 13th, at Villa Stuart. Zaniolo's injuries add to a very long series of injuries accused by Roma players since the beginning of the season.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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