Roma-Inter, Totti and Pallotta in chorus: “Rigore su Zaniolo, how can you not give it? What’s the VAR doing? Shameful…”

Roma-Inter, Totti e Pallotta in coro: "Rigore su Zaniolo, come si fa a non darlo? Che ci sta a fare il VAR? Vergognoso..."

Roma-Inter, Totti and Pallotta in chorus: "Rigore su Zaniolo, how can you not give it? What's the VAR doing? Shameful…"

ROME – Rome furious with the referee Rocchi. In the post-match of Roma-Inter, the company has decided not to talk to journalists Di Francesco but to send in its place Francesco Totti to externalize the protest of the Giallorossi club.

Francesco Totti was clear: "But how can you not grant a penalty like the one on Zaniolo. Who was there at the var? Fabbri? I think Fabbri was seeing another game. What did we do to do if we do not grant such penalties then? You should call him to ask him why it's shameful. "

Soon after, Pallotta also made his voice heard with the following statements that were reported by Corriere dello Sport: "But what have the referees? The first half was a disgrace, 28 days without a penalty in favor are almost impossible. This phallus was an easy and obvious call through the Var ".

The speech by Francesco Totti to Sky

The highlights of the match

95 'final whistle, Roma and Inter drew 2-2. A draw that serves little to both.

90 'Spalletti was sent off because he protested vehemently with the referee Rocchi against a penalty awarded to Roma for a foul on Nzonzi.

73 'Draw of the Roma. This time Rocchi went to consult the var and noticed Brozovic's hand ball in his area. Net penalty for Rome. From the eleven meters he did not miss Kolarov.

65 ' Goal of the Inter. Icardi anticipates Manolas on a corner kick by Brozovic and scores with his head. Nerazzurri again in the lead.

49 'Roma draw. Under starts a long-distance fireball that ends his race under the cross of the goal posts defended by Handanovic who remained motionless.

45 'End of the first half, Inter on the lead of a goal against Roma.

37 ' Inter 's goal. Keita Balde scores on D'Ambrosio's assist. He anticipated Juan Jesus.

37 'Zaniolo has been placed down in the Inter area of ​​penalty spot by D'Ambrosio. Rocchi did not assign the penalty to Rome and did not go to consult the var. Serious arbitration error.

30 'The defense of the Rome defense. Icardi showed up in front of Olsen who told him no with an incredible parade.

26 'Schick heel assist, Florenzi sure shot and a shot on the post to beat Samir Handanovic.

25 '- Conclusion of Zaniolo from long distance, ball out of a breath.

20 '- Perisic's header on Keita Balde's cross, the ball is out of a breath.

15 '- Kolarov's cross from the left, nobody touches the ball and Handanovic sees it at the last and must overcome with a simple parade.

13 '- The first scoring opportunity was created by Roma. Florenzi has centered from the left and kicked the net. Handanovic has rejected his conclusion with a great shot of the kidneys.

Rome (4-2-3-1): Olsen; Santon, Manolas, Juan Jesus, Kolarov; Nzonzi, Cristante; Florenzi, Zaniolo, Under; Schick. All. Of Francesco Inter (4-3-3): Handanovic; D'ambrosio, De Vrij, Skriniar, Asamoah; Borja Valero, Brozovic, Joao Mario; Perisic, Icardi, Keita. All. Spalletti

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