Roma-Inter, contact Kolarov-Lautaro: for the referee it is not a foul, Spinazzola’s goal is validated

Roma-Inter, an important slow-motion episode at the end of the first half. A doubtful contact between Kolarov and Lautaro starts the action then finalized by Spinazzola . It is not a foul for the referee.

Just a great slow-motion episode during the first half of Roma-Inter. At 45 ', Kolarov intervenes on Lautaro, the Inter player ends up on the ground but for the referee it is not a foul ( here is the image from Twitter ).

Roma starts again and scores with Spinazzola after a good duet between Mkhitaryan and Dzeko. The former Juventus full-back kicked safely and his shot was deflected off the net by De Vrij.

Upon reporting from his assistant, the referee went to review the episode in the var. He went there even though he had already seen the contact between Kolarov and Lautaro at normal speed and had not considered it a foul.

After a brief consultation of the monitor on the sidelines, the referee returned to the field and confirmed the goal to Roma. The first part of the game ended on the result of one by one between the protests of the Nerazzurri.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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