Roger Federer eliminated in Cincinnati from Andrey Rublev, number 70 in the world

Roger Federer eliminato agli ottavi del torneo di Cincinnati da Andrey Rublev, numero 70 al mondo

Roger Federer in an Ansa archive photo

ROME – Roger Federer who loses is always news. If he then eliminated it is Andrey Rublev, number 70 in the Atp classification, we can speak of a sensational surprise. It happened in the round of 16 of the Cincinnati ATP tournament, where the Swiss, n.3 in the world, was eliminated in two sets, by 6-3, 6-4, by the 21 year old Russian, n.70 Atp.

Roger Federer together with Nadal against Djokovic in "politics".

Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal join the ATP Tour players' board. The news seems marginal from the perspective of champions facing each other, with a racket in hand, since 2004. It actually has an important meaning considering that the chairman of the board is world number 1, Novak Djokovic . And, therefore, the initiative, in tandem, of the two phenomena is a bit of a response to the behaviors, decisions and declarations of Novak, and a bit of yet another declaration of war in one of the most delicate and confused moments of the history of tennis.

The human rift between the three has always been clear and distinct, with Roger and Rafa on one side and Nole on the other. Thus, instinctively leathery, the old champion, Federer, was immediately liking the somewhat savage Spanish boy, who always showed him so much respect and even emotional closeness, whenever he beat him. Just as he did not like the way the third tenor of tennis was proposed, Djokovic was a tough Serb, raised under the bombs, intelligent but too irreverent. Who mocked the first of the class and retired, in the field, when things were going badly (even if it was later realized that he had asthma problems).

Just as Nadal seemed to be farther away than the older Serbian of the older Swiss, he felt less judged by some uncertainty about the English language and more like RogerExpress, as a family and social background. The rift widened with sporting battles, and then with political-economic ones. Because Federer and his Team8 have created the Laver Cup along the lines of the golf Ryder Cup, inextricably linked to "Rocket", the legendary champion of two Slams, and therefore to classic tennis, with the endorsement of the ATP Tour. the managerial relationship with the new ATP Cup, the former Nations Cup, which is moved from May to January, from the German land of Dusseldorf to the cement of Australia.

Meanwhile, Nadal, a very close friend of Piqué, has directed his future towards the new Davis cup, while the Majorca Academy always marches expeditiously hand in hand with the local tournament, always with the support of the professional tennis circuit. So, in the hands of world number 1 Novak Djokovic, not much is left. Moreover, he who is the strong man of tennis, must also be content with the crumbs of public love. As he experienced at Wimbledon, where he was on the verge of a hysterical crisis, even though, as a champion, he transformed the terrible psychological condition into a decisive lever. To the point of canceling two match points to the Magnifico and to blow the ninth Wimbledon that seemed by now directed towards the Swiss.

Djokovic, since he was elected president of the ATP Players Council in 2016, taking the scepter after Federer and Nadal, has promised that he would have been more involved in the political events of a sport fragmented between too different interests, with players, circuit ATP which runs normal tournaments, Grand Slam tournament committee, world federation, managers, tournament directors.

But he was not happy with how the CEO, Chris Kermode, managed things and pushed him to resign at the end of the year. Even thinking of launching the candidacy of his friend, the former pro Justin Gimelstob, but burned in the race by a double cause for violence (towards the ex wife and a friend) and by an unsustainable conflict of interests between the political role in the Board of the ATP and that of commentator and TV producer.

All this while the world of tennis fiercely disputes the new Davis cup desired by the president of the Itf, David Haggerty, and awaits a new course from the election of the successor, on September 27th. Because the three cups, Laver Cup, Davis and Atp Cup stamp each other's feet, between September and January, the new distribution of Atp points does not convince and blocks even more emerging and players are increasingly divided among too many "peons "Who struggle to make ends meet and the few super-rich.

Djokovic, who has repeatedly threatened to resign from the presidency of the players' council because the delicate task distracts him in the run-up to the history of tennis played, has sided with the revolutionaries who want to re-discuss the division of prizes, with Americans in mind, Isner and Querrey (very close to Ginelstob who, according to most, continues to work behind the scenes through the man who replaces him interim, Weller Evans).

During Wimbledon, the moderate wing, represented by former Dimitrov coach Daniel Vallverdu, and professionals Robin Haase, Jamie Murray and Sergiy Stakhovsky, resigned en masse, indirectly criticizing Djokovic himself, with words like: "There are people who are there for their personal gain and maybe even take some revenge. We don't talk about tennis, I don't want to waste my time anymore. There are people who try to take power and pursue their interests. I don't want to have anything to do with this direction anymore ".

It seemed that, at that point, Djokovic had taken a decisive step towards his goals. Instead, with an exciting comeback, the award-winning Federer & Nadal company has struck a blow that puts everything in question. Indeed, it definitely shifts the balance in view of the first political clash, which is scheduled during the US Open. Because Rafa, elected as representative of the "top 50", Jurgen Melzer of the "top 100" doppisti and Federer "at large" (in general, of the most), are friends and associates.

How will their tug-of-war with their colleagues go? Recall that today there are Isner, Querrey and Anderson (on the pro-Djokovic card) on the board of the players, in the "top 50" single, together with Nadal, and then Yen-Hsun Lu and Vasek Pospisil at the "51-100" level singles, Jurgen Melzer and Bruno Soares for the double, and then Djokovic and Federer, with the delicate role of coach representative instead of Vallverdu still to be elected. (Sources Ansa and Agi).

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