Robin Olsen, the moment no continues: ducks also in the National team (VIDEO)

Robin Olsen, continua il momento no: papere anche in Nazionale (VIDEO)

Robin Olsen, the moment no continues: ducks also in the National team (VIDEO)

STOCKHOLM – Season with more bass than high for Robin Olsen . Last summer he arrived in the capital amid general skepticism, despite an excellent World Cup with Sweden, and he didn't do much to make Rome fans think again. After the clamorous ducks against Genoa at the Olimpico and Frosinone at the Benito Stirpe, he started to commit serious errors even in the National team.

Robin Olsen, how many ducks between Rome and National

Because of its mistakes, Sweden did not go beyond the 3-3 draw against Norway. Olsen was wrong in all three goals by his opponents. On the first goal of Bjørn Maars Johnsen came out empty in a rather sensational way opening the network route to the Norwegian National team. On the occasion of the second network of Norway, with Joshua King, he practically scored himself.

Joshua King's header was harmless but the Roma goalkeeper broke the ball and ended up in the bag amid the general desperation of his teammates. On Norway's third goal, scored by Ola Kamara, he didn't go out first, remaining impaled on the goal line, then he didn't even mention the intervention despite the opponents' shot being anything but irresistible.

Robin Olsen's ducks between Rome and the National team. Videos from Twitter and YouTube.

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