Roberto Mancini to TGPoste: “Italy goes to the European Championships to win” VIDEO

Italy will go to the next Europeans with the aim of winning.

The coach of the Italian national team, Roberto Mancini, showed desire to do and determination in an interview with the microphones of TGPoste, the new news program of the Italian Post Office.

In view of the resumption of a championship that promises to be difficult and tiring, Mancini said he was confident about Zaniolo's full recovery and confessed that a Dorian heart still beats under his blue jersey.

I will be happy, said the coach, “if we win the European Championship.

We are Italy, so Italy must always start to win, even when maybe at the beginning it is not among the favorites. For what our history is, we have to start to win ”.

Speaking of Zaniolo, Mancini said he "talked to him a few days ago, he's fine, he was operated on, the operation went well, so the hope is to see him again as soon as possible, but calmly, because he still has the time to recover and then come to the European Championships.

So in short, he can recover with peace of mind, he is a young boy and I think he will certainly do it 100% ".

In view of the resumption of the championship, the national team coach warns:

“It will be a fairly difficult season, I think.

They have recently finished the last championship, some have recently finished the Champions League, they have really started with a few training sessions, then there have been the matches of the national team, so especially at the beginning it will be quite difficult.

Then maybe with the going of the matches and the championship, and hoping that we can have the public at the stadium, I believe that things will return to normal.

Probably the year will be a bit more tiring than usual ”.

During the interview, Mancini revealed that Sampdoria still holds a special place in his memories.

"My heart beats for the national team, as it happens for all Italians".

“Then it's clear – he added – that I cheer a little bit for all the teams I've been to as a player and as a coach.

But it is equally clear that Sampdoria, perhaps, where I have been for more years, is the one for which I always hope that things go well ".

Is there a match that you would like to play again on the pitch?

“I would like to play the Champions Cup final again, yes. That is a game where Sampdoria (in 1992, ed) arrived, and we knew that this would be perhaps the only chance of our life, and we lost the game perhaps unjustly. But this is also football.

Here, if I could play it again, I would gladly play it again ”. Finally, a greeting to the over 120,000 workers of Poste Italiane.

“A greeting, a hug, a good return to work for everyone, even if the Italian Post Office never stopped. However, I hope that now it is back to normal, and therefore I extend a big greeting and good luck to Poste Italiane ”(video Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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