Roberto Carlos is also phenomenal at the age of 46, his heel on the fly is on social videos

Youtube Roberto Carlos fenomenale anche a 46 anni, il suo tacco al volo spopola sui social VIDEO

Roberto Carlos is also phenomenal at the age of 46, his heel on the fly is on social videos YouTube

LONDON – Show by Roberto Carlos in London. During a friendly match between England and the Rest of the World, to raise funds for UNICEF, the former Real Madrid phenomenon has become the protagonist of a flying heel that has left everyone speechless. Roberto Carlos served Pires with this absolute world-class play (the YouTube video at the bottom of the article).

Roberto Carlos is considered one of the strongest fullbacks of modern football, he was endowed with high speed and good offensive vision. For this reason, Roberto Carlos acted as an added outsider, quickly raising his team at the time of disengagement or returning quickly to cover the position again. He had a good long shot.

He was a specialist in set pieces, he could often find the way of scoring thanks to a very powerful shot (over 100 km / h) and precise, to which he was able to give a remarkable effect. Noteworthy, in this sense, the goal scored against France in 1997 with a free-kick from about 35 meters: after taking the long run, Roberto Carlos threw a violent shot towards the goal defended by Fabien Barthez who did not even mention the parade as the ball (which traveled at 137 km / h) seemed destined to go out several meters; on the contrary, the sphere drew a trajectory to re-enter that slipped into the bottom corner to the left of the goalkeeper.

On punishment he managed to score even from 40 meters against the Gremio in the Copa Libertadores 1995-6, with the Palmeiras.

Thanks to these characteristics, Roberto Carlos was one of the most prolific defenders in the history of football with over 100 career markings (source Wikipedia).

The video from YouTube with the magic of Roberto Carlos during the friendly charity match between England and the Rest of the World in London. The film with the magic of the Brazilian depopulated on social networks.

The phenomenal Roberto Carlos article even at the age of 46, his flying heel depopulated on social videos seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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