Roberto Burioni, tweets on Zaniolo make you discuss: “Come back soon to enjoy the twelfth year without Roma trophies”

Roberto Burioni, tweet su Zaniolo fanno discutere: "Torni presto per godersi dodicesimo anno senza trofei della Roma"

Roberto Burioni in the photo Ansa

ROME – Roberto Burioni works as a doctor but on his social channels he often talks about football because he is a huge Lazio fan. So he wanted to have his say on Zaniolo's injury with tweets that infuriated Roma fans. Burioni wrote: "We wish Zaniolo to be on the field as soon as possible to enjoy the twelfth year without his team's trophies."

Burioni wrote this post in response to a user who wrote: "Mamma mia oh he seems the first player in history who gets injured … who then 15 minutes before the Roma fans all shouted 'you have to die' in Demiral or all in mourning".

Another user participated in the conversation by writing: "Let's talk a little about those who make the stickers with the photo of Anne Frank with the Roma shirt …". Another response that made Burioni discuss: “The jerks are there on both sides. I wish Zaniolo a very prompt and complete recovery so that he can score the goal of the usual 7-1 ".

Who is Roberto Burioni.
Roberto Burioni is an Italian doctor, academic and scientific popularizer, active as a researcher in the field relating to the development of human monoclonal antibodies against infectious agents. It gained notoriety with its interventions on social media on the topic of vaccines.

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