Rizzoli: “Referee woman in A? When he deserves it. New rule hand ball? He will always discuss … “

Rizzoli arbitro donna fallo mano ecco cosa penso

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ROME – Today on Sky Sport 24 interview with the nominator of the referees of Serie A Nicola Rizzoli, a guest at Sky for a workshop, which also took stock of this first part of the season.


Rizzoli, what rating do you give to your referees after the first seven days of the championship?

I divide the vote into two parts: in the first two-three days under the sufficiency, then we recovered and we found the right line and the right path. The regulation has changed a lot and the first few days have been more complicated, but now we have found the best interpretative lines.


Rizzoli, what kind of speeches did you have from Var and how many mistakes did you make?

To date, there have been 33 interventions, almost one for every two matches, which is much compared to the statistics of the past season. The goal is to try to referee better in the field to avoid making mistakes even at the Var.

Despite the use of the Var, six mistakes were made this year, which are many, although we are still 1.3% of errors on the total decisions taken. But above all, three of these were to be avoided

What are the 6 mistakes?

I think you saw them. We never hid, we recognize them and we admit them. Indeed, I believe it is right to recognize them to work on them and not repeat them

We come to the always delicate chapter of the hand ball; changes the rule but continues to be discussed

He will always continue to talk a little bit. The new rules have brought objectivity into the evaluations, which means that everything concerning the arms and hands above the shoulder line, we are talking about factual and objective situations, are punishable; despite this, everything that is below the shoulders and, in any case, in a position that is not entirely unnatural, we are talking about an area where interpretation is in the dynamic, it must have the true importance of evaluation, but it will leave a little bit of space to interpretations.

If my attitude, which is more correct than the intention, is to create an obstacle to a shot or a cross and the arms are detached from the body, it will tend to be punishable.

Therefore, the touch will be punishable. If my attitude is to play the ball, or is a companion who plays it (does not divert it, play it), then the attitude is certainly different. It's a question of dynamics. It is the beauty of football, which must also be evaluated according to the dynamics.

Rizzoli, on the offside instead now thanks to technology (and the "Crossair 3d" system) we are close to perfection; in the future will the assistants disappear?

Giant strides are being made towards technology refinement. It's just a question of technology. The linesmen will always serve as an impact, the referee alone has less chance of control.

Perhaps, the assistants, as they are called today, will collaborate much more on technical situations in the field and, perhaps, they will be a little more free on the evaluations of offside positions.

Going back to the mistakes, people sometimes don't understand why you can be wrong even if you have the monitor with all the necessary replays in front of you (we remind you that the images available to the Var are the same as those on TV)

The Var does not cancel 100% errors because there is always the human factor, but even technology can have problems, as happened in Genoa (Genoa-Atalanta, ed ) with two cameras that remained excluded from the check on a penalty . As a result, it did not allow perfect control. It can happen.

When will there be a female referee in Serie A?

When he deserves it. It's a matter of meritocracy, it's not just a question of man or woman. Women's football has grown so much and even women's technical and refereeing ability has grown so much.

I have seen referee girls in UEFA train with referees and have the same, if not better, performances of men. It's just a matter of meritocracy and I'm convinced we'll get there.

Racism, unfortunately, is increasingly topical on football fields: what can and must the referees do?

I think it's not just the referee who can and should do something, we all have to do something. First of all, work together with the players; a player who feels the victim of choirs or discrimination must have the referee as their point of reference, go immediately to him, talk to him, because he will be the first to help him, to do something.

In this case, if the referee, the triad or the other bodies present realize that situations like these are in place, they will immediately stop the game, make a public announcement when the game is stopped and no longer while it is in progress.

Then, don't start again until the choirs are finished and if the phenomenon repeats itself, you stop again, the referee will call everyone in midfield, another announcement will be requested and at that point the ball will pass to the public order manager , which can decide whether to resume or permanently suspend. Clearly, at that point it is a matter of public order (source Sky Sport).

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