Ricciardi (WHO): “Stages open? That’s where it’s already possible “

ROME – The football championship will start again on June 20 behind closed doors but according to Ricciardi in some regions it would already be possible to open the stadiums to the fans.

The consultant of the Ministry of Health and Italian representative to the WHO Council expressed his opinion during an interview with Rai Radio2.

His statements are reported all sport.com.

“Fans at the stadium? Theoretically it could already open.

We have had zero case zones for several days.

In some regions theoretically it could already be done.

These events cannot be separated from security measures and enforcing them by thousands is difficult.

The reopening of the stadiums is a hypothesis that will take place when the circulation of the virus will be reduced to a minimum

We are in a phase of great improvement in the vast majority of regions.

We still have to be vigilant to avoid a second wave.

We must make it clear to the countries that border with us that the situation in the vast majority of Italian regions is positive because some countries are alarmed because they see data from Lombardy and are still a little worried.

We must be very careful to eventually block new outbreaks.

We have improved a lot from this point of view, certainly the situations of February or March will not be seen again, but we must be very careful.

The virus today circulates in the same way and has not changed. We see different patients because we have become better at identifying and treating him.

But the virus continues to circulate and is dangerous "(source Rai Radio 2, tuttosport.com).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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