Reyes died in an accident: it was 237 km / h, rubber burst

reyes accident

Reyes died in an accident: it was 237 km / h, rubber burst

ROME – New details emerge on the road accident in Utrera where Reyes , the 35-year-old former Arsenal and Sevilla player, lost his life. Reyes in fact traveled with his Mercedes Brabus S550 from 380 hp to 237 km / h when a tire would have burst that turned the car upside down and then burned. The agents also suspect that the tire pressure was wrong. In fact the soccer player seems to have not used his car for a long time. Reporting the news is Mundo Deportivo .

But there are those, like Santiago Canizares , ex Valencia goalkeeper, who has gone against the tide with respect to the many messages of affection sent to Reyes. "Speeding is a blameworthy attitude," the former goalkeeper wrote. "In the accident there were also other victims besides those who were driving. Reyes doesn't deserve to be honored as a hero, but that doesn't mean I don't regret what happened and I don't pray for their souls. I find those who are happy intolerable. "

After the many criticisms received for his message, Canizares returned to the topic: "Maybe I didn't explain myself well. It certainly deserves a tribute for his career and for what he gave to football. I read opinions of all kinds and I respect all of them, exceptionally today even those accompanied by insults. I only want to condemn the insensitivity and invite everyone to reflect on how many mistakes we make. I think it is perfectly compatible with pain ".

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