Real Madrid: Lopetegui exonerated, team at Solari. Sergio Ramos does not want Count

Real Madrid: Lopetegui exonerated, team at Solari. Sergio Ramos does not want Count

Real Madrid: Lopetegui exonerated, team at Solari. Sergio Ramos does not want Count EPA / TONI ALBIR

MADRID (SPAIN) – Julen Lopetegui is no longer the Real Madrid coach. The exoneration, in the air since yesterday after the umpteenth debacle, comes from the official site of the European champion club that "has terminated the contract that tied him to the technician Julen Lopetegui". The decision was taken by the board of directors of the club meeting to try "to change the dynamics of the first team, considering that all the objectives of this season are still achievable". Lopeteguei will be temporarily replaced by Santiago Solari.

"The Council – reads the note – understands that there is a great disproportion between the quality of Real Madrid players, who have as many as eight players for the next Golden Ball, something unprecedented in the club's history, and results obtained up to now obtained. The club "thanks Julen Lopetegui and all her technical team for their efforts and work and wish them the best in their professional career". Solari, until today Castilla technician, the Real Madrid team B, will lead the first team starting tomorrow.

The only thing certain of these feverish hours, between rumors and denials that follow, is that Julen Lopetegui yesterday at the Camp Nou has lived the last experience on the bench of Real Madrid, sunk by an avalanche of goals. The president of the 'Casa Blanca', Florentino Perez, embittered for the 'manita' suffered, for the classification (Real is out even from the Champions League) and for the lack of consistency of a team that is tri-European champion in office , has decided to break the delays, convening a meeting of the board for tonight to ratify the end of the relationship.

Until a few hours ago on Perez's table there were only two names to replace him: those of the chosen one, the Argentine Santiago Solari, head of Castilla, and Antonio Conte, fired "for just cause" by Chelsea.

Conte's candidacy has lost consistency both due to the ongoing economic dispute with the London club and to some doubts arising in the merengue ranks. Solari is therefore currently the most immediate choice, perhaps for a role of 'ferryman' but within two weeks, according to the Spanish federal regulations, the club will have to appoint another coach or enter into a contract with the technician in charge.

Solari should therefore lead the European and world champion teams against Melilla, Valladolid (Liga), Viktoria Plzen (Champions) and Celta (Liga). After the game in Galicia, Real should already have a defined coach. The idea was to engage Conte but, in the last hours, the name of Roberto Martinez, ct of Belgium, took the quota, considered the right man for the management of a dressing room anything but easy, in which strong personalities like Sergio Ramos.

The captain after the knockout in Barcelona was sibylline about the possible arrival of Count. "Respect is earned, it is not imposed. Changing the dressing room is more important than technical knowledge ".

Heavy words, which give the idea of ​​how the big of Real do not jump for joy for the eventual arrival of the former blue coach. Ramos himself would have asked for advice on Conte to two national teammates like Diego Costa and Alvaro Morata, from whom he would have received little comforting news on the relationship between Count and some players.

It is known that in Real the more experienced players cultivated good relations with Ancelotti and Zidane, technicians considered more 'soft'.

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