Real Madrid, Jovic broke his foot from the balcony

MADRID (SPAIN) – Luka Jovic is in trouble.

According to the Serbian press , the center forward would have told Real Madrid a lie to justify his sensational domestic injury.

Jovic would not have hurt himself while training at home, following the program provided by Real Madrid, but in an unjustifiable way.

The former Frankfurt center forward allegedly remedied an extra articular fracture in his right heel by falling from the balcony of his home in Belgrade.

The footballer's father had spoken of his son's injury saying:

“It was really unfortunate, he hurt himself while he was training at home.

He was following the schedule provided by Real Madrid's technical staff.

He put his foot down badly and remedied a more serious injury than expected. "

Of all these statements, nothing would be true except the very last part.

Jovic 's injury is serious as it should keep him away from the field for three months.

If the rehabilitation proceeds smoothly, the Serbian striker would return to the end of the Liga for the start of the Champions League.

But it would almost certainly mean ending the season early because Real are called to a miraculous comeback against Manchester City after Madrid 's 1-2.

This injury complicated , and not a little, the plans of Real which was counting on selling it as soon as possible.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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