Real Madrid again in crisis, Conte – Mourinho ballot for the bench

Real Madrid di nuovo in crisi, Conte - Mourinho ballottaggio per la panchina

Real Madrid again in crisis, Conte – Mourinho ballot for the bench

MADRID (SPAIN) Real Madrid and obviously his coach end up in the eye of the storm after yet another tumble of the season, this time at home against Real Sociedad. Tuffled this time also by the controversy on the Var. And the Spanish press goes down hard not saving anyone, neither the players nor the coach Santiago Solari, but we already speak, as always in these cases, of possible solutions to get out the merengues from the tunnel with the arrival of technicians who had already spoken in the past as the Italian Antonio Conte and the Portuguese Josè Mourinho who in turn left recently Manchester United.

Real Madrid, the crisis is endless

For one of the major Spanish newspapers as a brand it is "an endless crisis", while according to As "is the worst famine for 25 years now. The blancos have made only 26 goals: Real Madrid had no such disastrous numbers since the 1993-94 season. The fans begin to regret and sigh for the farewell to Cristiano Ronaldo … ". On his Web page the other Spanish sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo shoots: "Real is in agony and Bale runs away with his car from the Bernabeu to 78 'with his team under 0-1". Even the generalist 'El Pais' goes down hard against Real Madrid, pointing the finger especially against the guilty coach who had badly put the merengues on the pitch:' Al Bernabeu prevails reality. After the break the Solari team appeared inconsistent and disorderly ".

To make a ferocious self-criticism after the knockout at last night's Bernabeu is his Croatian ace and gold ball Luka Modric who at the same time saves Solari: "The coach is doing a good job, prepares the matches very well, but not he can score, he can not avoid what happened to us at the beginning, he is doing his job, but the players are the ones who go down to the field ".

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