Real and Atletico Madrid, the idea to start again: go to the sports centers

MADRID (SPAIN) – In Spain , as in Italy, they are thinking of every possible solution to restart the football championship .

The latest found is that developed by Real and Atletico Madrid.

The two Madrid clubs have put aside the rivalry to put together a project to restart football in Spain .

According to this project, the games would no longer be played in the stadiums but in the fields of the sports centers of the clubs (obviously behind closed doors).

This is a phase in which the money of TV rights hang in the balance and therefore football clubs must do their utmost to save money.

By playing games in sports centers, clubs should no longer invest money in expensive stadium maintenance .

For now it is only an idea because Real and Atletico have not yet had the opportunity to deal with other Spanish companies .

Even in Italy, the clubs and the federation want to restart the championship.

Meanwhile there are only two certainties.

The first is that training in club sports centers will be possible again from 18 May.

The second is that UEFA, regardless of the resumption of individual national leagues, will still complete the European cups , with finals in the last week of August.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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