Ravenna, Stefano Pellizzari is disqualified and follows the game from the opponent’s curve. Company wants to terminate its contract

Ravenna, Stefano Pellizzari è squalificato e segue la partita dalla curva avversaria. Società vuole rescindere il suo contratto

Stefano Pellizzari, footballer from Ravenna, in a photo published on social networks

REGGIO EMILIA – Stefano Pellizzari has combined it big. The Ravenna ( Serie C ) player was unable to play against Reggiana because he was disqualified. So far nothing unusual. The problem arose when Pellizzari himself, who is evidently a Reggiana fan, decided to follow his Ravenna game in the opposing curve.

Everything ended on Instagram and Ravenna, who also lost the game 3-1, would be thinking of terminating the player's contract also because the fans are not willing to forgive him and are expressing their disappointment on social networks.

Considering the media storm that is raging against him, Stefano Pellizzari has decided to post an apologetic message on social networks, in the hope that Ravenna can forgive him for his stunt: "I would like to apologize to the whole Ravenna Fc environment, primarily to clubs and fans. It was not my intention to create such a situation, it was a mistake. I take all my responsibilities. "

The match. Reggiana won 3 to 1 against Ravenna. Will Stefano Pellizzari have exulted against the team for which he is registered? The other Reggiana fans certainly do … The Serie C match was decided by the goals of Marchi, Scappini and Kargbo. The network of the Ravenna flag was marked by Nocciolini.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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