Ramy party with the national team players: “The best day of my life”

Ramy festa con i calciatori della Nazionale: "Il giorno più bello della mia vita"

Ramy party with the national team players: "The best day of my life". Photo ANSA / ELISABETTA BARACCHI

PARMA – "The best day of my life", Ramy comments with great emotion, leaving the Tardini field in Parma where he has just given the five to all the national team players, before the match against Liechtenstein (qualifying match to the next European football championship "Euro 2020"). With Ramy (accompanied by his brother), classmate Adam and a small friend of the latter.

Ramy, party with the national team players before the game

Ramy and Adam, the two young students who, acting with courage, foiled the kidnapping of a group of students last week, arrived in the Parma stadium – invited by the FIGC – to attend Italy-Liechtenstein. For the two little heroes the president of the Federcalcio, Gabriele Gravina, delivered four blue shirts to compose the date of the action that brought them to the heart of all Italians, or 20 3 2019.

"Salvini just said yes to citizenship for my son Ramy? I don't know anything yet, if it were so I would be very happy, and my son Rami, who is here with me, will also be happy, he has a happy face and is very happy ". Ramy's father, Kaled Shehata, learned of the citizenship granted by his deputy Matteo Salvini to his son.

Ramy instead commented on the news: "I am happy, I thank Matteo Salvini and Luigi di Maio". Is it true that you will meet Salvini? "Yes, I want to see him and say hi, tomorrow – said his father – I will go to Rome with Ramy to meet him".

source: Ansa.

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