Radja Nainggolan, all the Ninja stunts: blasphemies, nightclub nights, smoke …

Radja Nainggolan

Radja Nainggolan, all the Ninja stunts: blasphemies, nightclub nights, smoke …

ROME – Radja Nainggolan has never accepted the definition of Bad Boy, admitting however with brutal honesty their own vices ("I drink, I smoke and I do not hide"). But now the long list of stunts committed in career must also add the " suspension for disciplinary reasons " arrived from Inter for the delay in training.

Not the first in this season, but the one that broke the vase of patience, after the draw against the Chievo rear light. A wild life, along the leitmotif of his experience at Cagliari, Roma, Inter and with the Belgian national team. Martinez has not summoned him to the last World Championship officially for "tactical reasons" – in what Nainggolan has called "a pathetic excuse" – but it is undeniable that in choosing the coach he has influenced a series of out-of-the-line behavior.

In fact, in March, Belgian justice withdrew his driving license for a month: positive for the alcohol test (with a rate of 2 milligrams per liter, four times over the limit) after a night spent in a nightclub in Brussels in 2017. In Nainggolan, he does not deny it ("After the games the adrenaline is a thousand, I prefer to go out than staying at home"), like to be late in nightclubs: the images that portray him in August in the company of Fabrizio Corona in a discotheque of Dalmine (Bergamo).

Not the only 'case' since Nainggolan arrived at Inter, bought for 40 million to fill the gap from Juventus: it is recent history his complaint for a scam on checks cloned after a night spent at the Casino of Montecarlo.

But the best-known case is the video of last New Year: alcohol, cigarettes and curses live on Instagram. Rome fined him and excluded him from the match against Atalanta, the beginning of the end of the long romance between society and player.

A strong temperament, in the field as in everyday life, almost an obligation for those who are nicknamed 'Ninja': argues in the locker room with Landucci, Allegri's deputy, after Juventus-Rome in December 2017, gives peppery answers to the fans they tease him on social media ("Rosicate pure"), shows the middle finger to those who ask him to go home from the disco and ends up on the news (story of 2014, then closed without aftermath) for a scene of jealousy to his wife Claudia.

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