Racist Buu in Kean, Balotelli attacks Bonucci: “His luck is that I wasn’t there …”

Buu razzisti a Kean, Balotelli attacca Bonucci: "La sua fortuna è che non ero là..."

Racist Buu in Kean, Balotelli attacks Bonucci: "His luck is that I wasn't there …" (from Instagram)

ROME – There are also Paul Pogba and Mario Balotelli among the players who, after the Cagliari racists , take the side of Moise Kean. Balotelli went down heavy with Bonucci who had divided the responsibilities of what happened between Kean and the Cagliari supporters who had insulted him. Here's what Super Mario wrote: “Bravo  ! And to bonucci that his luck is that I was not there. Instead of defending yourself who does this? Mah I'm shocked I swear. Tvb friar! ".

Racist Buu in Kean, Pogba takes the side of the blue millennial.

"Good Italians wake up, you can't let a small racist group speak for you – Pogba writes on Instagram – I support all the struggles against racism – adds the former bianconero now at Manchester United -, we are all the same".

"I condemn racism in any form and place, forever – Balotelli says – Although we are divided and different in our destiny, but nothing else must divide us". Balotelli posted the photo of Matuidi and Kean at the end of the game, quoting them in the message along with Pogba.

Giulini: "Kean? Young people must understand that they must respect others ”.

"Last Friday Fabio Pisacane after the goal did not go to 'challenge' a tense group already for the ranking, but he mimed the big belly sharing with his companions this joy. We must all commit ourselves to work so that from the youngest we understand that respecting others, their state of mind, their frustration is a laudable gesture. Always".

As Ansa writes, it is one of the reflections of Cagliari president Tommaso Giulini in the aftermath of the controversy that arose following the protests of Juve players for the blinds arrived from the public at the address of the attacker Kean after the 2-0.

"Even a single 'buu' must be condemned, always – Giulini specifies – but a condemnation is not enough, to defeat racism it takes commitment, culture and initiatives. Everything that Cagliari does, from the School of Typhus to the Future Curve for children, from the Fourth Category to the Football Academy and other numerous activities, is precisely aimed at creating a different cultural context ".

The racist Buu article to Kean, Balotelli attacks Bonucci: "His luck is that I wasn't there …" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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