Quagliarella, only impossible goals against Napoli: his latest feat

Quagliarella, solo gol impossibili contro il Napoli: la sua ultima prodezza

The wonderful goal scored by Fabio Quagliarella during Sampdoria-Napoli (photo Sky Sport)

GENOA – When Fabio Quagliarella crosses Napoli, the show is guaranteed. Since the striker from Campania has made peace with his old fans, he is more serene and manages to play great games against Napoli. The fans had started to whistle after his farewell to Napoli, after several years, the Sampdoria striker revealed that he had gone against his will, due to a stalker who persecuted his family.

After this bad story resolved, Quagliarella revealed it publicly and from that moment the Napoli fans have returned to his side even if he is now an opponent. Quagliarella himself returns the affection of his old fans, not cheering after the goals scored at Napoli.

Quagliarella against Napoli, from the heel goal to the magic of tonight.

Last year, the Sampdoria center forward scored one of the best goals in Naples in the history of the Italian Serie A football championship. Quagliarella beat his former team with a round of applause. The network was so beautiful that it was selected both for the FIFA Puskás Award, where it did not win, and for the Italian Football Oscars, where it triumphed as the best goal of the last championship.

Tonight, Quagliarella gave another gem to football fans. He received the ball on the edge of the penalty area of ​​Napoli and started a right to the winning flight that left no escape for the young goalkeeper of Campania Meret.

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