Put away from Barcelona? Dad Horacio after the house opens a VAT number in Milan

After the house, the VAT number. Leo Messi's father registered the "Public Relations and Communication" enterprise at the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

So, put you away from Barcelona with Inter as your destination? In fact, the news rather than fuel the hopes of the Nerazzurri fans, offers the media the unmissable opportunity to make the title and edit the divorce film of the century.

But, how to say, dreaming costs nothing. Barcelona's “zero tituli” season authorizes every thought, the Argentine champion is certainly disappointed with a team that no longer knows how to win.

Put away from Barcelona? Manchester City and PSG in pole position

That Milan is his choice is another matter entirely. Rumors put Inter in third place as a possible landing place, behind Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain.

In the first he would find Guardiola, in the second Neymar with whom the Flea would feel invincible. They are certainly the two teams best equipped financially to shoulder the burden.

Remaining with his father's movements, it is true that after the purchase of an apartment in the Porta Nuova area of ​​Milan, the father opened a VAT number in the city.

Even the Economics section of Corriere della Sera gave the news. It is also true that Jorge Horacio, Messi's father, also bought a house in Miami, London, Buenos Aires.

Barcelona president Bartomeu, engaged in a difficult corporate restructuring, flaunts security.

“Messi wants to finish his career at Barcelona. I always speak with him and especially with his father.
The new coach is counting on him, for Koeman Leo is a pillar of this team ”.

In reality, Messi's real problem would be him, the president. Who is in no hurry to leave.

No. 1 explained why he decided not to resign: “It would have been an irresponsible gesture, but the elections on March 15 allow us a smooth institutional transition.

The responsibility for all this is shared, everyone has their share of the blame but the one who has more is me as president ”. (sources Corriere della Sera, Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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