PSG’s Marcin Bułka destroyed his Lamborghini in a car accident

PARIS (FRANCE) – The third PSG goalkeeper, Marcin Bułka , was the victim of a bad car accident in Poland .

The footballer came out of this unharmed accident but his yellow Lamborghini was completely destroyed.

Marcin was returning to his home in Wyszogród (which is also his hometown).

Shortly before arriving at his destination he crashed destroying his luxury car.

According to the reconstructions of the Polish media, the accident happened on Wednesday night.

At the moment the causes that led to this bad car accident are unknown .

The president of the Polish federation, Zbigniew Boniek, expressed his concern for the young PSG goalkeeper:

"The question is, what will you drive when you start playing as a starter?"

Indeed, Marcin Bułka has barely a presence with Paris Saint Germain and yet he has already spent most of his salary on buying Lamborghini.

The talent of the young goalkeeper is not in question but should make wiser choices so as not to throw away his career .

Marcin trained in the youth clubs of the following Polish clubs: Stegny Wyszogród, MDK Król Maciuś Club Płock and FCB Escola Varsovia.

Thanks to his performances with the national youth teams, he was purchased by Chelsea.

With the club in London he failed to debut in the first team but he shone in the youth team.

For this reason, the PSG has decided to buy it.

After so much bench, he managed to close the French championship with a presence (source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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