Psg-Olympique Marseille, brawl and final fight: 5 expelled. Racist insults to Neymar, Di Maria’s spit …

That it will never be a match like the others was understood by the celebrations with which the hated Parisians' defeat in the Champions League was celebrated in Marseille.

Psg-Olympique Marseille yesterday was resolved with the second defeat in three games of the billionaire team of Neymar and 'Mbappè. The French champions lost their heads in addition to the match.

Psg-Olympique Marseille, 5 red cards and 14 yellow cards

They fell into the provocations of the Marseillais, ended up with 5 expelled at the end of a battle to the sound of insults, forbidden blows, repeated fights.

Fuse of the clashes, the racist insults of the Spaniard Alvaro Gonzalez: the defender of the Om silenced the Brazilian 10 with a "monkey silence" which triggered the turmoil.

Psg-Olympique Marseille: Di Maria's spit

The Argentine Di Maria spat in his face. Then a trickle of fouls and reactions, until the final fight.

"14 yellow cards and 5 red cards show that the game was out of control", commented Leonardo, CEO of PSG.

“I'm just sorry I didn't hit that asshole in the face,” a furious Neymar wrote on his Twitter profile. Obviously he was angry with Alvaro Gonzalez .

Neymar, Paredes and Kurzawa expelled them for the Parisians and Benedetto and Amavì for the Marseillais.

The Brazilian knocked the referee into the locker room to ask for the racist epithets that went unpunished.

Tuchel and Villas Boas also sing them

Not even the coaches were kept out of the bag. German Tuchel told Villas Boas at the end of the match that he "had played the Lottery", thinking about the fortuitous victory on the pitch.

The Portuguese replied that he had played the lottery with Atalanta, in memory of the daring final that led to the final qualification of the Parisians.

Nobody is saved. Perhaps only Florenzi: the former Roma presented himself to his new fans with a good performance. But it wasn't air yesterday.

The French "clasico" has become a rustic feud. (sources and Youtube)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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