Property by Scarpa d’Oro, Lazio asphalts Verona and hooks Atalanta in 3rd place

Lazio show on the Verona pitch. Immobile scored a hat-trick, rose to 34 goals and hooked Lewandowski to the top of the Golden Shoe standings.

Great news for Lazio and for Ciro Immobile after the triumph of Verona. Meanwhile, the Biancocelesti have locked Atalanta in 3rd place in the standings even though they are still fourth because they are at a disadvantage in the clashes against the Bergamo players. Despite this, Lazio still have two days to definitely overcome the Bergamo team.

The real birthday boy is Ciro Immobile. The Campania bomber is one of the three players left in the running for the conquest of the Golden Shoe. Thanks to this hat-trick, Immobile hooked Lewandowski to the top with 34 goals, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo at 30.

But the real opponent is precisely Cr7 because Lewandowski has already concluded the championship with Bayern Munich and can no longer detach the Campania bomber. So Immobile's goal is to keep Ronaldo at a distance and to score at least one more goal to go to the top alone.

Then Immobile also chases another record, that of the Neapolitan Gonzalo Higuain. In fact, in 2016 the Argentine closed the championship with a record 36 goals. Property is less than two but still has two games available.

For the rest, Lazio won 5 to 1 in Verona thanks to Immobile's hat trick and goals from Correa and Milinkovic. The hosts, however, went online with Amrabat.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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