Premier madness, purple lockdown player for red light party in Paris

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Discipline is not at home for the English Premier .

According to what reported by The Sun there would be another sensational case of violation of the lockdown .

After Walker's , here's another red light feast but this time the protagonist of the story has really exaggerated

Walker had made a serious mistake but at least he had the common sense to stay in England …

This time the offending footballer even left England to attend a party in Paris, France.

The Sun does not reveal the identity of this player but tells a lot of details about his stunt.

The player in question reached Paris by private jet.

Here he participated in an exclusive party between models and spirits of all kinds (the Sun speaks of tequila and Jack Daniel's …).

In short, all drinks that are not part of the usual diet of a professional footballer but this is the least of the problems …

After this party, the footballer went to a private apartment with more than one model …

The rest is easily imaginable …

The most serious thing? The fact that the footballer pushed the violation to a later level as he even left England.

Still according to what was written by the Sun, the footballer would have returned to the United Kingdom the following day and would have participated in training as if nothing had happened.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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