Premier League, 14 players from 12 teams positive for Coronavirus. One also in Liverpool

The Coronavirus hits the English Premier League. As many as 14 players, from 12 different teams, tested positive. One plays for Liverpool.

The Coronavirus returns to bring the world of football to its knees. After the positivity of 4 Marseille players, who postponed the resumption of the French championship, here are those of the Premier League.

In short, the short holidays enjoyed by the players have caused massacres as there are so many positives throughout Europe. The record peak was recorded in England as the first tests showed 14 positive players from 12 different teams.

Further details are only available on Liverpool. In fact, a Coronavirus positive footballer was found among the ranks of the reigning English champions.

This was revealed by Kronen Zeitung, a local newspaper that is closely following Liverpool's pre-season retreat in Austria.

The team coached by Jurgen Klopp had decided to carry out the pre-season retreat in France but then had been forced to change destination after the increase in infections in this country.

So Liverpool had decided to train in Austria, a nation that was better off from the point of view of infections. Despite this prudent choice, the Reds still have to deal with a case of Coronavirus.

At the moment the identity of the player has not been revealed but the English tabloids have confirmed this news, including the Liverpool player in the list of fourteen cases found after the first checks in the Premier League.

At Liverpool home, there is apprehension because the first official match, the Community Shield against Arsenal on 29 August, is upon us. The Community Shield is the equivalent of our Super Cup. The winners of the league (Liverpool) and the national cup (Arsenal) face off.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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