Prandelli: “The coronavirus spread to Orzinuovi due to a game of bowls”

Prandelli: "Il coronavirus si è diffuso a Orzinuovi per colpa di una partita di bocce"

Prandelli: "The coronavirus spread to Orzinuovi because of a game of bowls" (photo Ansa)

ORZINUOVI – Prandelli, vice champion coach of Europe with the Italian National Football Team, spoke of the widespread diffusion of the coronavirus in his Orzinuovi .

In the Italian town of 12 436 inhabitants in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy, a game of bowls with friends was enough to expand the coronavirus like wildfire.

As a demonstration of how very bad and highly contagious this virus is. For this reason, according to Prandelli, the government should first have closed all public activities that put people's health at risk.

"Right now you have to accept the reality, unfortunately perhaps we have postponed the closing of everything by a week.

I have lost friends, a tragedy especially for family members who have not even been able to stay close to their loved ones. We must all stop and take a step back, we must acquire a human dimension ".

The former national coach Cesare Prandelli said this when speaking to the Tuscan broadcaster Lady Radio.

"We have to stay at home, just so we can help – continued Prandelli – In Orzinuovi, in my small town, a game of bowls with people from a place in the Lodi area was enough to set off an outbreak". (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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