Poste Italiane, the awarding of the Azzurri Partner Cup 7-a-side football tournament

poste italiane

Poste Italiane, the awarding of the Azzurri Partner Cup 7-a-side football tournament

ROME – On October 16th, in Rome, at the Conference Room of the post office in Piazza San Silvestro, Rome, the award ceremony of the Italian Poste Italiane winning the "Azzurri Partner Cup", the organized 7-a-side football tournament from the FIGC among the National Top Sponsor companies.

Guests of Matteo Del Fante, CEO of Poste Italiane and Giuseppe Lasco, Head of Corporate Affairs of Poste Italiane, the General Manager of FIGC Michele Uva and Roberto Mancini, National Technical Commissioner.

The players of the Poste Italiane team, who defeated the outgoing FIAT champions in penalties, come from different parts of Italy and from different companies and were selected for the occasion through an internal recruitment on the company intranet . All stages of the competition, from preparation to the final on the historic field of Coverciano up to today's awards, were followed with great enthusiasm by Poste Italiane employees through the intranet and social channels.

In addition to the "Azzurri Partner Cup", Poste also took home the award for the best goalkeeper assigned to Luca Fava.

To reward all the "gialloblu champions" was the Italian Technical Commissioner Roberto Mancini who gave the players the official ball of the national team.

Poste Italiane is the largest service distribution network in Italy. Its activities include correspondence of correspondence and parcels, financial and insurance services, payment systems and mobile telephony. With a history of over 150 years and thanks to a network of 12,800 Post Offices, more than 135 thousand employees, 510 billion euros of assets under management and more than 34 million customers, Poste Italiane is an integral part of the country's social and productive fabric and represents a unique reality in Italy in terms of size, recognizability, capillarity and trust from customers.

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