Politano-Spinazzola case, Petrachi replies to Marotta: “He did everything himself …”

Politano-Spinazzola, Petrachi risponde a Marotta: "Ha fatto tutto da solo..."

Petrachi, ds of Roma, spoke about the Politano-Spinazzola case (photo Ansa)

ROME – Botta and remote response between Marotta and Petrachi on the Politano-Spinazzola case. Marotta spoke first, because Inter played before Roma, then Petrachi's reply came close to the opening whistle of the match of the Giallorossi on the Genoa field. We report their considerations to Sky Sport's microphones.

Marotta: “First of all, I think there was a really excessive media hype, with the utmost respect, above all, for Spinazzola, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Juventus and is an excellent professional. I also believe that in football, before being defined, negotiations must go through the performance of assessments that are technical, economic, physical and medical. At the end of these assessments, the company found itself unable to reach a definition. So, I promptly communicated to my counterpart from Rome that a contractual signature could not be reached. That's all.

The media hype arises, however, from the unpublished; Is this the first time something like this has happened? I would not say, because, for example, one of our players, whose name is Santon, has been the subject of negotiations and three times has not found, then, a definitive position following a similar situation. And I must say that similar things have happened to me too and it is not the first time. The medical examination, or whatever, as I said before, the assessments of various kinds must be done in depth. When it comes to an investment like this, of 50 and broken millions, beyond the acquisition of sports rights, there are also the relative emoluments. So, this was a 55 million operation and it is right that the company analyzes all the evaluations well.

First of all, I must say that the photo taken by Politano with the Roma scarf does not depend on our management. I can say the same, that Spinazzola didn't take any pictures with us. This is a first reflection. The second is that we are in a world where these things happen, I can happen, they have happened and they will happen in the future. Having said that, with Politano, to whom our utmost respect goes, we spoke just yesterday, we explained the situation. So, they are professionals, also used to having to live with this type of reality. That's all. Today he is practically back in our ranks, he is a player of our property and we will evaluate his future in the best way. Today he is our player and, therefore, from here to the end of the market, the right evaluations will be made.

Petrachi's reply, again on Sky Sport's microphones, before Genoa-Roma: “Let's start from Spinazzola, who is delighted to stay at Roma. I know Marotta, there is friendship and I respect him, but there was a short circuit between the DS and himself, he did everything himself, something did not work. Rome had closed the operation, of course, with lots of emails and replies.

Then we know how it went … There was talk of medical visits, I remember that Spinazzola took Marotta at the time of Juve, he knows him well, it is not that something happened to him here in Rome. The player was eligible and the operation was closed, they wanted to vary conditions which were unacceptable to us. Sorry for Politano, for what little we saw he had enthusiasm, he would have liked to wear the shirt of Roma so much ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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