Pirlo exalts Tonali: “Other than my heir, he is much stronger than me”

BRESCIA – Andrea Pirlo exalted Sandro Tonali during a live social media.

According to the former Juventus midfielder, Tonali is not his heir, he is much stronger.

It has a certain effect to hear this from the mouth of a champion of everything , from the Champions League , to the badges, up to the World Cup .

The declarations made by Pirlo to the "Iena" Nicolò De Devitiis are reported by gazzetta.it.

"They say Tonali may be my heir – said Pirlo -.

In my opinion, as a type of footballer he doesn't look like me, he looks more like me for long hair and for the fact that you play in Brescia.

For me he is another type of player, much more complete, both in defense and in setting; it's a mix between me and other players.

He is certainly the most promising of the midfielders in Italy.

I don't see him as an heir because the way he plays is different, but he will certainly become a great player.

Roberto Baggio? I knew him well – said Pirlo -, I was lucky enough to have him as a teammate already at Inter, before Brescia.

For me he was an idol.

The World Cup won on penalties? In Grosso's final penalty I was there in the middle – the director confessed -, we were each for our own purposes.

Then at a certain moment, before Grosso's penalty, I hugged Cannavaro hoping that …

What did we say at that moment? I had asked, since I was a little dazed, if it was the last penalty.

It was a moment of stress but fortunately it went great. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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