Pietro Anastasi had the Sla, his son: “He asked for assisted sedation”

Pietro Anastasi aveva la Sla, il figlio: "Ha chiesto la sedazione assistita"

Pietro Anastasi, at the time of Juventus, in the photo Ansa

VARESE – “Dad had Sla, which was diagnosed three years ago after being operated on for a bowel tumor. The last few months have been really devastating and on Thursday evening when he was admitted to the 'Circolo' hospital in Varese he asked for assisted sedation in order to die peacefully ": so Gianluca Anastasi reminds ANSA of the disappearance of his father Pietro which took place yesterday, confirming which was due to the Sla. “He chose Thursday evening to leave. He called my mom and told us he wanted her right away. "

"It all started three years ago with pain in the arm and leg but at the beginning we didn't say anything – reconstructs Gianluca – We did other tests and it turned out that he had a tumor in the intestine, even if the problem persisted neurological in the legs. However Dad did surgery and the tumor was pulled away. Then we did other medical tests and investigations and the problem came up. The doctor told us it was Sla, but we preferred to keep him from Dad even if he understood everything.

We decided to tell him the truth three months ago – continues the eldest son of Anastasi – but as mentioned he had already imagined it because the problems in the movements were evident. Since then the thing has precipitated and the last few months have been really devastating, because Dad was no longer able to move and was breathing hard and he helped himself with the help of a car from which he could no longer detach himself. Then he was also advised the tracheotomy but at that point he said 'enough', I will follow the fate of my disease ", and refused the obstinacy. So on Wednesday he entered the Hospice, where the terminally ill are, and the next day he decided to be sedated.

He was conscious even though it was hard to talk, he greeted us, my brother who lives in America, then me and my mom, we chatted for half an hour of the old days and the good life together then the doctor arrived, put him there assisted sedation needle. In 40 minutes he fell asleep and the next day Dad died ”(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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