Pierluigi Collina: “The referee is like a lighting technician. It will help make football more beautiful “

ROME – Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Pierluigi Collina , president of the FIFA referees commission for over three years, has voted to return to play:

“In compliance with the rules to protect us from the risks of the pandemic. Factories and other important businesses have reopened. Professional football must be considered on a par with these ”.

“Can't you protest?

It could not be done even earlier if for this. We hope it's a positive change that the Covid-19 will bequeath us.

But as with other situations, for example exulting hugging each other after a goal, it is more of a message to be given outside than avoiding a real risk.

Football is a sport made of contacts, impossible to prevent them. All the protagonists of the game will be subject to strict controls and we hope this will be enough ".

In this type of football the referee remains an orchestra conductor? Without public, will the error be seen more?

“I would define him more as a sound or light technician: it helps to make the show more beautiful.

The real conductors are the coaches. The audience does not condition the referee or should not.

However, the 80 thousand spectators are not the ones who influence you, for me the 200 fans in the suburban fields where there was no protection were worse.

The field factor is losing importance and away wins are increasing. On the other hand, if I look at basketball, my Fortitudo with his public when he plays at home wins more ".

New rules are coming: what are the pitfalls?

“They are not real changes, rather clarifications. On the handball the boundary line between arm and shoulder was defined.

I think it is applicable immediately. The immediacy of the goal scored or of the goal created after a handball by the attacker is also better defined ".

The five substitutions? "A temporary change to protect the health of the players who will play most often."

Football has many rules that lend themselves to interpretation. He does not believe?

“The rules have a British derivation and much has always been left to subjective interpretation. This can result in a lack of uniformity.

On the one hand it is necessary to have clearer rules and on the other to work with the referees to have greater homogeneity of judgment ".

Why should a boy choose to referee?

“To have an important training experience.

I learned a lot between 17 and 19 years, especially to decide, something atypical for that age.

But to get to the top you need to work hard and know football: understand it, study it ".

How did she do it?

“In Japan, before the 2002 World Cup final, I stood for hours in front of the TV with a pack of video tapes from Brazil and Germany watching them one by one. Today with the Internet you find everything easier and faster ".

The Times placed it among the 50 worst players in history, for France Football it is in 31st place among the 50 most influential characters in football. Does Collina's future foresee?

“I stopped playing football when I was a kid, I don't know how they managed to put me among the worst (laughs, ed).

In football I combine passion and work. Working at Fifa gives me great satisfaction, I'm fine and the World Cup is the next challenge. " (Source: Corriere della Sera).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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