Phase 2. Gyms open from May 25: 2 meters away, you will arrive already dressed

ROME – On May 25th the gyms will reopen which will have to follow very strict rules.

The first, the most important, applies to all centers: "The minimum interpersonal distance appropriate to the intensity of the exercise" must not be less than 2 meters.

The distance to be maintained for "those who do not exercise must be at least 1 meter".

It is written by the provision of the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora which was drawn up taking into account the indications of the technical scientific committee and the sports representation bodies.

In the decree that sets the guidelines, we speak of "sports operators" both referring to teachers and to customers who carry out physical activity, explains Corriere della Sera which publishes the indications.

It is explained that "you must reach the site already suitably dressed for the planned activities " or "to use common areas to change, equipped with sealing bags for the collection of personal waste".

The managers will instead be obliged to "trace" the entrances or allow access only by appointment.

Then there is the "ban on exchange between sports operators and personnel still present on the sports site of devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)".

Each gym must have its own masks, its disposable gloves and different synthetic plastic materials useful to prevent contagion.

The premises must be cleaned and sanitized: the same thing for the equipment.

Before opening, the rooms must be sanitized periodically in relation to the use of the spaces, with particular reference to the common areas and the showers / changing rooms / toilets.

By May 25, distance staff training will also be required .

Signs indicating the entry and exit must be made inside the structures.

Inside there will instead be differentiated routes.

Among other things to note, the fact that within the sports site must be guaranteed the ability to comply with some hygiene requirements that we have now learned about:

"1. wash your hands frequently, even through special disinfectant gel dispensers 2. maintain a minimum interpersonal distance of 1 m in case of absence of physical activity 3. maintain a minimum interpersonal distance adequate for the intensity of the exercise, however not less at 2 m 4: never touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands ".

We must also avoid leaving clothing worn for physical activity in places shared with others .

These items should be stored in personal backpacks or bags. Once back home, they must be washed separately from other clothing.

Particular hygiene and safety provisions must also be provided for the use of changing rooms, showers and toilets , in which the operators of the sports center must provide for quota access to these spaces, avoid the use of common applications such as hair dryers, etc. . which, if necessary, must be brought by the visitor (source: Corriere della Sera).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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