Petrachi vents: “I was abandoned by a property too far from Rome, Rome and the fans”

The former Roma director Petrachi vented: "I was abandoned by a property too far from Rome, from Rome and from the fans."

The former Roma ds Petrachi vented in a long interview with Ansa.

“I tried to raise a wall, to put a shield to defend the group, I found myself alone against everyone – his words to Ansa -.

I was abandoned by a property too far from Rome, from Rome and from the fans. I was left alone to fight.

I had asked Pallotta to remove the elements that violated the secrets of the locker room and the pitch or, even worse, that undermined internal relations.

Like when, for example, they even invented a fight between me and Dzeko.

Those same elements who should have shown loyalty to the Roma cause, respecting the sacred silence of the locker room, and who, instead, preferred to make public the three-man defense experiment decided by Fonseca, or Pellegrini's injury “.

When the former ds went down to the locker room …

Petrachi also revealed a background on one of his strong gestures in the interval between Sassuolo and Roma.

“And maybe according to some, I should also have avoided going to the locker room in the interval of the match with Sassuolo at 3-0, to encourage the players not to trample their own dignity.

Seeing a team I built being humiliated like this was a blow to the heart.

And if that evening I went down to the locker room I did it only and exclusively for Roma and their fans, especially for those who, despite the enormous disappointment, were there and never stopped singing.

Yes, already in January, even in the face of a further downsizing program ordered by President Pallotta, I realized that it would not be easy to carry out that three-year project that had been entrusted to me only a few months earlier.

In the end I was made to pay an exaggerated bill, and this only for having defended Roma on and off the pitch, only serving the interests of the team.

However, some wanted to reject me due to my limitations in communication, sometimes too direct, but always sincere.

What I can say, however, is that I will remain proud of the work done so far in my career and also in Rome.

Finally, my best wishes to Dan and Ryan Friedkin and to all the new ownership, in the hope that they will immediately understand that this city and these fans need a great team that can return to victory as soon as possible. Rome deserves this “(source Ansa ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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