Petagna and the positive matches, those of Cagliari, Rome and Turin. Are we sure the championship starts again?

Petagna and the positive evenings with Romagnoli and Donnarumma. then the match with half Tottenham. Mirante from Roma, other players from Cagliari, Torino… Are we sure that the league will restart?

The resumption date of the Serie A championship is September 19. A little less than a month. But to date, Serie A players positive for coronavirus are not few, and they are increasing. Multiplied in the last 48 hours, thanks to the last weeks spent between the Costa Smeralda and the north of Sardinia where the virus has spread considerably in the premises.

The latest in order of time is the new Napoli striker, Andrea Petagna . He tested positive together with his brother, but what worries is not just this, but a photo taken just before his positivity was discovered. In the photo we see Petagna on the pitch with many other players for a summer match, with him there is half Tottenham including Lamela, Dier and Lo Celso. Then Petagna was also seen in the disco with Romagnoli and Donnarumma.

After the four cases reported by Cagliari, one in Bulgaria, Despodov, and three in Sardinia, Ceppitelli, Bradaric and Cerri , were joined by the Roma goalkeeper, Antonio Mirante, the Napoli striker Andrea Petagna. But also the Sassuolo striker, Jeremie Boga, and two Turin athletes whose identity has not yet been made known by the grenade club. Brescia, a club relegated to Serie B, also announced the presence of a positive return from holidays in Sardinia.

Positive players, what will happen to the league?

The Federation and the League go on their way, no one wants to think that the start date of the championship may be postponed due to the number of infected. September 19 remains untouchable for them. Certainly this new wave of positives, which is also affecting football very closely, will bring about some changes and some slowdowns in the path of returning to normalcy.

Getting people back to the stadium? I need to talk about it for now. For now it is already a lot if we can start again because this August is becoming what perhaps many feared but in the end have underestimated: a holiday contagion.

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