Perin: “Cristiano Ronaldo predicts the future, before Atletico …”

GENOA – Mattia Perin has left Juventus to return to defend the goal of Genoa but still remembers with pleasure his experience in black and white.

During a live social network with the influencer Damiano Er Faina , Perin talked about his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

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“He is a great teammate: he jokes when there is a joke, he works when there is work and there he is number one.

Like him and Messi, one is born every 50-70 years.

Before Juventus-Atletico he came to my room because he had run out of toothpaste and told me to relax because he noticed too much tension around.

The next day, pum: 3-0 and his hat-trick.

He is a very good boy, I have known him well and I assure you that he is different from the image that was created from outside.

Juventus is among the 5 best clubs in the world.

I could play titular elsewhere, but I never regretted that choice.

I arrived at the camp an hour and a half before training and I was already half team: the successes do not come by chance, behind it there is a lot of work.

Everyone had incredible humility, silent, serious and with crazy intensity.

According to Juventus you understand why they have been winning for so many years.

I cheer for them and I hope they can win the Champions League ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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