Pepe Reina: “I had the coronavirus. It is like a truck passing over you “

BIRMINGHAM (ENGLAND) – Pepe Reina had coronavirus. This was revealed by the same goalkeeper who went from Milan to Aston Villa last January.

Other than simple influence! Reina called the coronavirus "like a truck passing over you."

His statements to the radio station Cadena Cope are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

“Last week I had all the symptoms of Coronavirus, it was a difficult day when I took all kinds of precautions not to infect those who live with me. No tests are done here and this can only be a problem, but now I'm fine. It is hard, it is as if a truck had passed over me.

“I follow everything that happens both in Spain and in Italy, they are difficult times and we are all worried. What touches me most is seeing people leaving without even being able to be greeted for the last time by their family.

We must respect all the safety rules that have been given to us, only in this way will we be able to get out of it. Football is secondary at the moment, I don't care when we return to the pitch, what matters is health, I understand that there are great economic interests at stake, but it is the same in all sectors.

It makes no sense to play without an audience, but in any case it is essential that you go back to playing when there are all the guarantees to do it safely.

We footballers are privileged – he concludes – it is easy for me to remain in isolation, the people who really have the "cojones" are those who live in a 70 square meter apartment with three children, they are heroes ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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