Penalty Mertens, Nicchi: “A worrying error”. Rizzoli: “Massa and Valeri will be stopped”

Rigore Mertens, Nicchi: "Errore preoccupante". Rizzoli: "Massa e Valeri saranno fermati"

Mertens plunge into Fiorentina-Napoli

ROME – “The one on Mertens is not rigor. The Var intervened on the rigor of Mertens , but did not understand that there was a mistake, this worries me. The problem was that the Var had no clear images and should have suggested to the referee to go and review the images ". Guest at the Domenica Sportiva Rai, the president of the Hague Marcello Nicchi commented in this way on the episode of Fiorentina-Napoli, played on Saturday night, which caused so much discussion and does not approve the work of the referee Massa and his collaborators. "I spoke with the designator and we are very bitter and will decide whether to take technical or disciplinary measures – says Nicchi -. We are trying to activate a central Var room in Coverciano that will see the races at the same time and will be able to hear the conversations between the referee and Var, albeit without being able to interact ”.

Even Rizzoli , a former arbitrator and now arbitrator, intervened not departing from Nicchi's words: "There was something that did not work in the collaboration between the referee and Var, an error that must be corrected and not repeated". Will Massa and the man Var Valeri be stopped? "There is no doubt that a coach plays who is in better shape and the measures we will take will be in the direction of putting them in the best position to arbitrate. We will evaluate their psychophysical condition ".

Nicchi, also at Domenica Sportiva, clarified some aspects of the new rules introduced by the Ifab : “Never again will a network have to be marked with the hand, if the goal occurs it must always be canceled. The other phase concerns the defender: the detached arm no longer exists. If he takes the ball with his arm, high or wide, it is rigor. The third point is the case of play by an attacker or a defender who by chance pulls the ball on his arm: in this case it is not a penalty. Finally, if you touch the ball with a slipped arm it is not a penalty, if you touch it with your hand it is. Zielinski's intervention in Florence? It is rigor ". (source ANSA)

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