Pellegrini-Kolarov, dispute during Rome-Genoa. Also part of a “vaffa”

Kolarov Pellegrini lite Roma Genoa c'è anche un vaffa

Kolarov and Pellegrini during Roma Genoa (photo Ansa)

ROME – Bad fight between Aleksandar Kolarov and Lorenzo Pellegrini during the Rome-Genoa match . All the fault of a punishment. In the second half, with the match still in the balance, Roma took advantage of a free kick from the left. A position more suited to a right footer than to a left-footed but Kolarov, who had just scored, wanted to go kick.

This time Kolarov failed to score because his shot broke on the opponent's barrier and Pellegrini, who wanted to kick it since he is a right-footer, had to argue with the Serbian: "Vaffa …".

Kolarov replied: "You tell me later …" because at that moment the Serbian full-back wanted to stay focused on the game. After? No Pellegrini had to immediately express his discontent: "Cogl …".

Their argument was taken up by Dazn's cameras and was the subject of discussion among Roma fans on social networks. According to some supporters, it was only a field dispute while others expressed their concern about some locker room reports that are not exactly idyllic.

There is great concern among Roma fans ahead of next weekend's derby. Roma started badly against Genoa while Lazio asphalted Sampdoria to Marassi.

The two teams of the Capital arrive at the derby in a totally different way. Lazio has changed little or nothing and has the usual coach, Simone Inzaghi, at the helm. The biancocelesti play by heart and have their own well-defined identity.

On the contrary, Rome has changed a lot. Starting from the coach. Paulo Fonseca needs time to inculcate his game to Roma's players. The Giallorossi are already moving very well in attack but on the defensive stage they still have to metabolize the indications of the Portuguese coach.

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