Paulo Dybala’s brother is under investigation for violating the quarantine in Argentina

ROME – Gustavo Dybala , brother of Juventus number 10, is under investigation in Argentina on charges that he and his partner have violated the mandatory quarantine , after returning from Italy and contacts with the player who then tested positive on the Coronavirus. To report some neighbors, who referred to their continuous releases.

After the news of the positivity at Covid-19 of Paulo Dybala, and of his fiancée Oriana Sabatini, the mandatory quarantine for the Joya family was triggered. Both the brother with the partner and the mother of the footballer, had visited the couple in Turin, leaving shortly before the outcome of the buffer to which the number 10 of Juve and his girlfriend had undergone.

Upon their arrival in Argentina they had been transferred, as a precaution, to the Rawson Hospital of Cordoba for an order issued by the Ministerio Público Fiscal, where they had carried out some tests. The three then returned to their homes.

But Gustavo Dybala and his partner were denounced by their neighbors, in Cordoba, because they were often seen leaving despite the mandatory quarantine. (source TUTTOSPORT)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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