Paul Gascoigne left behind by his girlfriend because he violated the quarantine to go to drink

LONDON – Paul Gascoigne was allegedly dumped by his girlfriend Wendy Leech , after the release last month of a video on social media in which the ex-footballer is seen as he enters the improvised pub in the garden of his friend Paul Salmon's home.

The British tabloid Daily Star reported the news.

A video that, in addition to violating the rule of staying at home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, could also confirm yet another relapse of Gascoigne in the usual vice of alcohol.

Wendy Leeche would leave him and return to his apartment in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

"She was really taken by Paul – said a friend of the 43-year-old who had known the former footballer in Spain and was spending the lockdown with him, at her home in Bridlington, East Yorkshire – but he disappointed her and she didn't trusts that he can behave responsibly.

Wendy has two children and three grandchildren to think about and must put their health and safety first.

She and Paul are still talking, because Wendy is really worried about him, but after what happened, she can't see a future together for the two of them. "

According to Gascoigne's agent, the offending footage dates back to at least ten weeks ago , or before the lockdown imposed by the British government to combat the pandemic entered into force.

For the Daily Star, however, in the clip you see Magpie wearing short shorts and the trees in the background have leaves , two details that therefore make it difficult to position in the middle of February. (source DAILY STAR)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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