Paul Gascoigne, dramatic choice to fight alcoholism: “They sewed pellets in my stomach to make me feel bad if I drink”

Paul Gascoigne, scelta drammatica per combattere l'alcolismo: “Mi hanno cucito del pellet nello stomaco per farmi sentire male se bevo”

Paul Gascoigne in the photo Ansa

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Yet another episode of the struggle between Paul Gascoigne and his addiction to alcohol. The former Lazio player, during an interview with the Daily Mirror, revealed that he underwent a very expensive stomach operation to overcome alcoholism. His statements are reported by

“I spent around £ 20,000 on an operation to help me stop drinking. They introduce you to a series of granules or pills in the stomach that make you feel bad if you drink too much. You can drink a beer or a glass of wine, but not more. Now I can pass alcoholic beverages down the aisle in a supermarket without being tempted to take them. I can control myself. "

Who is Paul Gascoigne. Nicknamed Gazza , he played in the English national team and in several professional clubs of the top English, Italian and Scottish leagues. Considered to be one of the most talented footballers of his generation , has never been able to fully express his potential also because of the numerous injuries, but above all because of his unruly life off the pitch, his character and his transgressive and eccentric personality.

After his retirement from the racing career, he has been at the center of the news for his alcohol problems accompanied by ever more serious mental disorders (sources Eurosport and Wikipedia).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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