Patric disqualified 4 days for the bite in Lecce-Lazio

Four days of disqualification and a 10 thousand euro fine: this is the sanction decided by the Serie A sports judge for the Lazio Patric , for the bite to the arm to Donati yesterday in Lecce-Lazio.

Judge Gerardo Mastrandrea speaks of "a bite in the arm of an opponent, without causing harmful consequences, an infringement detected by the VAR"

Patric's bite? “He did nothing to me and apologized immediately. Take this into account. "

With great sportiness the Lecce defender Giulio Donati returns to the episode yesterday during the game of the Apulians against Lazio.

The bite received by Patric pairs with the kick received in full face by Bonazzoli a week ago:

“I also live with emotions, I understand Patric why in such a hard-fought game there can be such a thing – says Donati.

Patric apologized immediately, his was a gesture to be punished with red, but it didn't do me any harm.

So I would ask those who have to judge to put a hand on conscience.

The Lazio player was then corrected, unlike Bonazzoli, who a week ago who didn't even apologize and this makes me sad. "

"It was a very exciting game, we have seen all the colors," says Donati.

Coach Liverani had asked for the spark to change this asphyxiated classification, to end this haemorrhage of six consecutive defeats.

His men repaid him great: three points against Lazio, and at the moment he countered against Genoa.

Donati was one of the protagonists of Lecce's victory over Lazio, a real thorn in the side of the Biancocelesti lane:

“It was not easy to recover after the canceled goal, then the small injury of Gabriel who, in the end, saved the game.

We won it as a group and this must be our attitude, because a team that must be saved must know how to suffer ".

A victory that gives morale and confidence in the salvation perspective:

“We are happy to be still in the running for this goal – concludes the full back.

Now that, after the performance made in the races, the victory has also come that gives confidence to this group ". (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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