Parma transfer market, Gervinho is a coincidence. D’Aversa: “It hasn’t been seen in days, I think it was sold”

Calciomercato Parma, Gervinho è un caso. D'Aversa: "Non si vede da giorni, credo sia stato ceduto"

Parma transfer market, Gervinho is forcing the company to leave the Gialloblù and move to Al Sadd in Qatar (photo Ansa)

PARMA- Gervinho greets Parma after 17 goals in 47 games. The Ivorian striker has practically disappeared from the Gialloblù sports center, forcing the president to sell him to Al-Sadd Sports Club. Gervinho is not new to transfers of this type. Years ago, he left Rome to pocket a pharaonic salary with the Chinese of Hebei. Now he will do the same to end his career with a thousand and one night salary in Qatar.

Calciomercato Parma, D'aversa confirms Gervinho's farewell: “I believe it has been sold. It forced society. "

To confirm the Gervinho case, but also the transfer of the Ivorian, is the coach of Parma D'Aversa to the microphones of the Gazzetta dello Sport: “Gervinho is not called up, he has not shown up for the last three training sessions. He forced to leave, I think they already sold it. "

“He wanted to force the company to be sold. Four days ago he came to talk to me about the possibility of leaving, and then to deal with the company. The market is open, let's see. Gervinho was an important player for us but we have a group that has allowed him to make the best season of his career. "

Al Sadd is one of Asia's strongest teams. She is trained by the former Barcelona flag Xavi and has 14 Qatari championships, several national cups and the Asian Champions League. In short, Gervinho is preparing to fill his pockets but also his bulletin board.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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