Parma-Rome, choirs against Zaniolo’s mother. She answers on Instagram

Parma Roma cori contro mamma Zaniolo Francesca Costa risponde Instagram

Offensive choirs against Zaniolo's mother also during Parma Roma (Instagram photo)

PARMA – After Lazio-Roma, offensive chants against Francesca Costa , mother of Nicolò Zaniolo, were also sung during Parma-Rome. Parma fans have "imitated" those of Lazio singing: "Zaniolo's mother is a p …". The choirs were clearly heard during the live television broadcast of the match. So many Roma fans wanted to write to Francesca Costa to cheer her up.

Zaniolo's mother wanted to thank them for their support by sharing their messages full of affection and solidarity in Instagram stories. Unlike what happened in the derby, Nicolò Zaniolo did not want to express his disappointment in the field and ended the race as if nothing had happened. Even Francesca Costa did not want to write a long post to tell her about these offenses, she merely limited herself to sharing the messages of solidarity she had received in Instagram stories.

There are no Serie A choirs or Serie B choirs, offenses should be banned from football stadiums. As well as racist choirs or choruses of territorial discrimination, they are all acts of incivility, rudeness and ignorance.

The Parma-Rome article , choirs against Zaniolo's mother. She replies on Instagram seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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