Parma-Lazio, D’Aversa against referee: “It was a penalty on Cornelius. Immobile hand on their goal “

Parma-Lazio, D'Aversa contro arbitro: "Su Cornelius era rigore. Mano di Immobile sul loro gol"

Parma-Lazio, Acerbi stretches Cornelius: no var and no penalty for the hosts (freeze Sky Sports)

PARMA – Lazio won one to zero in Parma and moved to a point from the first place occupied by Juventus (waiting to know the result of the derby …). At the end of the game, Simone Inzaghi was vague in commenting on the refereeing episodes that infuriated Parma and said that there were episodes on both sides.

Parma-Lazio, D'Aversa: “We were denied two penalties and their goal was irregular. And the referee also allowed himself to be nice … ".

D'Aversa was not of the same opinion. The Parma coach lashed out against the referee during an interview with Sky Sport.

“We are the most correct team in the championship. We never protest. But in Italy if you are honest, if you are polite you go stupid. I don't want to go stupid. Needless to talk about fried air. The rigor on Cornelius , as you are also saying in the studio, is clear. Acerbi's belt on Cornelius is evident.

It is serious not to see it at normal speed. It is even more serious not to go over the episode again. Cornelius is the most correct striker in Europe. So I do not accept the attitude of the referee who also allowed himself to be nice saying that the attacker threw himself. With that little smile of his. You don't have to do nice with me because you were wrong.

A mistake which is also unacceptable with the support of technology. I'll tell you more, their goal stems from Immobile's handball. Ended here? Not a chance. There was also a penalty on Bruno Alves.

We are talking about two undefined penalties and an irregular goal. What else was going to happen? How can I tell my kids that they deserved defeat? How can I correct mistakes that they didn't actually make today? Educated yes, but stupid no … ".

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