Parma-Inter, D’Aversa against Stellini: “Did they deserve it? He saw a different game. “

ROME – Rags fly between Parma and Inter after the victory of Antonio Conte's troops in comeback.

Conte's deputy, disqualified, at the end of the match against Parma showed up in front of Sky's cameras to comment on the victory

“A widely deserved success, in my opinion.

We gave Parma several occasions knowing that this is one of the most difficult teams to face on the restart.

They were good, they scored, but we built the race and had many opportunities. In the end the victory is deserved ".

D'Aversa's words

Version, that of Stellini, which Parma coach Roberto D'Aversa did not like :

“Stellini says that Inter deserved?

I reviewed all the situations just to avoid saying certain nonsense.

I think Stellini saw a different game than the one I saw.

The final verdict does not reflect what has been seen on the pitch. "

D'Aversa then accused the referee Maresca for the lack of penalty kick granted in the first half for the contact Kulusevski-Barella: “There was someone who was not on the day tonight. THE

or tell my parents that only the captain must speak, no one else.

But this must not be counterproductive in the dynamics of a game. I don't think there was a warning for Kucka for wasting time. Cornelius is one of the most correct players in Europe. You do". (Source: Sky Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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