Parma, Gervinho is a coincidence. The transfer to Al Saad is skipped. Now what happens?

Parma, Gervinho è un caso. Il trasferimento all'Al Saad è saltato. Ora che succede?

The transfer of Gervinho from Parma to Al Sadd was skipped. D'Aversa no longer takes him into consideration because he behaved badly by forcing his sale (photo Ansa)

PARMA – No Qatar for Gervinho , at least for now. The transfer of the Parma player did not go through despite, a few minutes after the end of the term, the Emilian club had delivered all the documents, including the player's signature.

In fact, the transfer from Qatar would not have arrived and a few hours ago, at the press conference, the Al-Sadd club technician, the former Barcelona Xavi, confirmed the farewell to the Ivorian player with these words: “I would have liked to have it now, we will try to take it next year ”.

Parma, is a break between D'Aversa and Gervinho. The coach: "Before coming to us, he was a former footballer in China …".

Parma, however, does not stop and with the player it is wall against wall: Gervinho has not shown up to the last three training sessions, manifesting openly the will to leave the club and so the Crusader leaders, given the relationship now interrupted, are ready to appeal to Fifa in order to close the negotiation and protect their interests.

Meanwhile, Gervinho is on the list of the Emilian club filed in the League and therefore in a completely theoretical way he could take the field for the next championship game. But coach D'Aversa has been very hard on him and no longer considers him a Parma player:

“Gervinho came to us who hadn't been playing for two years because he was in China. We have regenerated him and thanks to us he will end his career with a very high engagement. So I don't want to talk about him at all but about these splendid guys who also played an extraordinary performance against Cagliari ". (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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