Parma, Faggiano: “Gervinho? Negotiation skipped because he was not convinced “

Parma, Faggiano: "Gervinho? Trattativa saltata perché non era convinto"

News on the Gervinho case, according to Faggiano the negotiation with the Al Sadd is skipped because the player was not convinced of the transfer to Qatar (photo Ansa)

PARMA – News on the Gervinho case. On the occasion of the press conference of presentation of Gianluca Caprari, Faggiano made it known that the transfer of Gervinho to Qatar did not jump because of Parma or Al Saad but because of the footballer himself who hesitated before signing arriving at the expiry of the January transfer market.

Parma, Faggiano: "If Gervinho had been convinced of the transfer to Al Sadd he would not have waited for the last moment to sign …".

The declarations of the Parma Faggiano ds are reported by Corriere dello Sport with the collaboration of ITALPRESS. “I can only say that Gervinho was not so happy to leave. He was in the headquarters of the transfer market since the morning, if he wanted to sign I don't think he would have waited for the last moment; something happened. Now what Parma does not need is to shoot everything and everyone.

We were on time, the others as well, but who was not very convinced was the player. We are working to do less damage and it is not easy to explain, he is all wrong together, he has made mistakes but has not made any mistakes. One can be surrendered, go away, it happens.

"After a grueling market and a lot of chasing we succeeded, we were in line to take him from Samp, but I can assure you that we were not in line on the list of his choice, he always married Parma and we are happy". "We have gone even further than our economic forces to bring it home and make a gift to both us and the city of Parma – continued Faggiano -.

We are not discovering Caprari, the boy needed to play with more continuity and to have other stimuli: we got in straight away, it didn't seem true when the possibility of being able to take him appeared. We are happy and proud that he can wear the Crusader shirt, he has also already helped us to obtain an excellent result in Cagliari.

We could have taken several attackers but they would not have changed the situation so much. Before Cornelius was injured or still stopped we knew of this risk, but in the January market as I always said it is not easy to take certain players "(source Corriere dello Sport with the collaboration of ITALPRESS).

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