Parma and Sampdoria played in reversed shirts, the PHOTO

Parma e Sampdoria hanno giocato a maglie invertite, la FOTO

Parma and Sampdoria have played in inverted jerseys, the PHOTO ANSA / ELISABETTA BARACCHI

PARMA – Parma and Sampdoria under the banner of fair play, the two teams played at the Tardini stadium with inverted jerseys. Parma and Sampdoria took to the field in inverted jerseys, or special jerseys that evoke the opponent's uniforms. The initiative was put into practice today at the Tardini stadium on the occasion of the confrontation between the two teams, and was promoted by the two clubs to celebrate the twinning that has long been linked to Parma and Sampdoria.

Parma-Sampdoria with inverted links to celebrate a long-standing twinning.

The one between Parma and Sampdoria is a long-standing twinning that was born in the early 90s. Thus was born the special initiative of today, when Sampdoria took to the field with a special review of the crusader jersey while Parma used a gialloblù version of the blucerchiata shirt. "#Blucrociati – Not just colors" is the name of the initiative that has seen two of the most iconic Italian uniforms mix their symbols while maintaining their identity through historical colors.

A story, the one between Parma and Sampdoria, made of great challenges on the field and a long friendship in the stands. For almost 30 years, while the two teams are fighting to win, the two fans have shown mutual respect, love and passion. Italian football really needs initiatives like these in the name of respect and fair play between opposing teams.
Source Ansa.

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